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Expand Your Reach

Stop ignoring the social channels you don't like, because a lot of potential customers do and they're not seeing you there.

Don't Be Boring

Stop posting the same generic content no one wants to read or share - we hand pick and hand write content to capture attention and keep it.

Be Consistent

It's not enough to post online when you feel like or when you remember - consistency is key to staying relevant.

Be Visible Everywhere

Half of your sales problem is people don't see you enough. Be found everywhere they are by putting out engaging content on all platforms and drive them in.

ContentPress.io is a zero stress automated content solution

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    We Analyze

    Your content advisor will work with you to discover your unique selling points and come up with a plan to hammer those points in to your customers.
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    We Target

    Next, we assemble a plan of attack to get content in front of customers where they are and when they're likely to see it.
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    We Get Results

    Last, we track engagement to constantly evolve our content and make sure it's always optimized to deliver.


We Help You Win

From hand written blog content to curated social media, we put in the time and energy so you don’t have to.  Our content advisors do all the work of finding, writing, scheduling and measuring your companies content so you can do better things with your time.

  • The Best Content

All of our content is manually written and edited.

  • The Best Results

We track your performance to make sure you stay winning.

* There’s no fine print.  Just wanted you to know you’re awesome.



It’s no secret that people love scrolling Facebook for hours on end, but are they seeing your page come up in their feed?  Are people engaging with your brand? Are people leaving you reviews?

We’ll keep your Facebook presence highly visible so your community will see you and keep you in mind.


Twitter is where a lot of people get their news, and it’s also where a lot of people feel like they can engage one on one with brands, celebrities and influencers and get direct to the source without all the fluff.

If you’re not actively engaging in the conversation you’ll soon be forgotten.  We ensure you’ll always have a seat at the table.


If there’s one thing people love to do anymore it’s scroll through their Instagram feed and see pictures of things they like, so why isn’t your company one of them?  

Having scroll stopping & like worthy photos is an art form, and one that we take seriously to make sure the content going out on your Instagram channel is engaging and on brand so you’re always front of mind with your target audience.


One of the most active yet most ignored platforms out there, LinkedIn presents so many opportunities to a company if you just know how to leverage them.

People on LinkedIn are highly targeted and highly engaged when you feed them the right content that they respond to.  Lucky for you we’ve got just the right stuff.


Leveraging your Google My Business page is one of the most powerful yet most ignored avenues for businesses, mostly because it’s so damn inconvenient.

Lucky for you, we’ve built a system to not only curate engaging content but keep it visible on your page so all those people searching for a business like yours will find YOU.


Last but not least we have your blog, the thing you ignore the most.

You know you should be posting on it, but you don’t and it’s killing you slowly.

Our content team crafts topics that are both relevant to your business and engaging to your audience, so not only will they help to improve your overall SEO efforts but they’ll help show your customers signs of life and activity.

An active blog signifies and active company, and that’s what your customer is looking for.

Welcome To Smarter Content

We’ve taken the pain out of having to worry about keeping your business visible online. 

You’ve got enough to worry about, why don’t you let us handle this for you.


Pricing Plan

It’s about value and execution.  We deliver engaging content to keep your business in front of your customers so you can do what you do best.


$ 147 /Month
  • 3x Social Posts/Week
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 1 Hand Written Blog Post
  • Personal Content Advisor
  • Monthly Trend Reports


$ 297 /Month
  • 7x Social Posts/Week
  • All Social Networks
  • 4 Hand Written Blog Posts
  • Personal Content Advisor
  • Monthly Trend Reports


$ 197 /Month
  • 4x Social Posts/Week
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin
  • 2 Hand Written Blog Posts
  • Personal Content Advisor
  • Monthly Trend Reports

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Truly Automated. For You, Anyway.

At ContentPress.io, we know how important it is to share relevant content and do it often to stay engaged with your audience.  We take the hassle out of making it happen.

We Research

Our team pulls together relevant and engaging topics that correlate with your business.

We Plan

Then we map out our attack plan to get the word out and get your message in front of customers.

We Execute

The most important step is making it happen, and that's our favorite thing to do.

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